February 2, 1828

On this day Federal Burt died in Durham, New Hampshire. Undoubtedly aware that his life was drawing to a close, a few weeks earlier he had written an editorial entitled “The Closing Year” for the December 26, 1827 issue of The Christian Observer.

In passing to another year, we congratulate our friends on the multiplied blessings of that year which has passed away. Some of us, indeed, may have had sorrows. Alas! we have had them. Still, let us never repine. The year has been crowned with mercies, and we have lived in the full protection of the Almighty. Let us look over our own life and review it well. … Let us look abroad upon the church and the world. The year, which is closing, has been a year to be remembered in Zion forever. God has done great things for his people and for mankind. The progress of truth, and righteousness, and salvation, is becoming rapid and full of glory. We can only name these topics, and leave them. May we close the year, as we would close our life, in the service of God, and begin another, as we would begin the business of heaven, by devoting ourselves, and all we have to Him.

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