Address to the Old Hundred Musick Society

The force of musick has been felt also in the chamber of sorrow and in the abode of grief. It has been found to be the gentle antidote of misery and distress. It has softened those tears which were falling, amidst the gloom of death, on the departure of beloved friends–has raised up the soul of piety from the depression of sorrow, and has brightened, before the eye of faith, the visions of heaven and immortality. It has taken off the frowns which had collected on the face of time and the world, and has planted, in their stead, smiles of transport and joy. Under the mighty influence of its power and of its charm, the pilgrim, in his journey upward, has forgotten the solitude of the desert through which he was passing, and has imagined himself to be walking the streets of life among the sons of God. —September 4, 1815

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